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Flood Insurance

We often think of flooding coming from large bodies of water such as lakes, streams, or rivers. What many fail to plan for is the floods that come from heavy rain fall, melts, and blocked storm drainage systems. Whether you live around a river or in an area that has occasional flash floods, you need the right insurance plan that covers you and your family. It may just be a slow moving flood that only leaves an inch or so but the damage can be significant enough to cost thousands of dollars in restoration and repairs.

Flooding is oftentimes unpredictable and you may have absolutely no control over the situation. This is why we believe that you should have as much say and control as you want in your preparations. As an independent agency, Lane Insurance Group is ready to give you flexible options that can fit your specific needs, no matter where you are!

Flood insurance rates can vary from Estero to Marco Island and all over Florida. Here are a couple options available based on your location and flood history:

Standard Flood Insurance Policies

  • This policy is available for those who live in a community that undergo flood plan management and utilize ordinances to reduce damages according to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Preferred Risk Policies

  • This is a low-cost policy for those who are in moderate to low risk zones. You may not be required to get flood insurance, but this will cover you if there are small floods or larger ones that end up extending to your area.

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